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Time Travel and free will

This is an interesting article on Quantum Mechanics.  It's worth a read on it's own.  However, while reading it and it started to deal with Time Travel, this really got my attention.

One is what I shall call, the consistent histories approach. It says that one has to find a consistent solution of the equations of physics, even if space-time is so warped, that it is possible to travel into the past. On this view, you couldn't set out on the rocket ship to travel into the past, unless you had already come back, and failed to blow up the launch pad. It is a consistent picture, but it would imply that we were completely determined: we couldn't change our minds. So much for free will. This basically says we can't really change the past via time travel.  What happened has already happened even if you came back in time.  Probably my favorite time traveling movie: 12 Monkeys takes this approach to Time Travel.

The movi…