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The Euro Failure - Progressivism is Enlightened Ignorance

Doesn't it seem odd now.  Every pundit, analyst, commenter, and Joe SixPack seems to agree that the Euro was destined to fail.  You can't run a common monetary policy without a common fiscal/political policy.  How obvious it is.  Which of course begs the question:
How did all these brilliant Europeans come up with such a ridiculous idea?
It's a question that aches at the heart of the modern society.  The answer is pretty systemic if you ask me.  It is at the heart of progressivism.  Note by progressivism, I don't just mean 'leftest'.  Progressivism stretches far into the right as well.

Essentially, the core of progressivm bases its roots in the idea that 'might has always made right'.  There are no 'natural rights.'  Everything is just a man made system we impose on ourselves.  So we should not tie ourselves to any po…