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The case for a guaranteed income

It's always easy to be suspicious of a Guaranteed Income.  Paying money to people without them working?  What would happen to work ethic?  What would happen to our economy?

Well, let me make a case for it and then I'll talk about some of the downsides.

If there's one thing we know, it is that we don't live in a free market society.  The government spends money all the time.  It goes into debt.  It prints money.  It spends money on unproductive uses all the time.

So if the government can spend billions on a war on drugs just to employ 100k lawyers, police officers, prison guards... and that this war on drugs produces nothing of value to society, why not spend 1/10th of the money on a guaranteed income.  For the price of 1 police officer involved in the drug war, we could support 10 people on a guaranteed income scheme (assuming they each took 10 000 per yea…

2011 Canadian Federal Election - The fall of the Liberals

The 2011 Canadian federal election surprised many, including myself.
The conservatives gained a majority government after years of minority rule.
The NDP gained major seats to become the official opposition.
The Liberals were decimated.

I was truly suprised the Conservatives managed a majority.
It came as a surprise to many that the Liberals have fallen in this election.  On that point, I was not surprised.
Each political party has an underlying vision of how a country should operate.  What's happened is the vision of the Liberal party is no longer believed by the vast majority of Canadians.  It's backers mainly include special interest groups and some academics.

So what is the intellectual vision of the Liberal party.  Essentially, they believe in the globalization with the idea that education is the key to economic prosperity.  The idea that if we focus on education that Canada can compete globally and rise... all the while expanding free trade.  This idea sounded attractive…