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Just turn a blind eye

So I was reading The Globe and Mail and came across this article.
margaret-wente - forget-legalization-of-prostitution-just-turn-a-blind-eye/article1738924/

In context, it concerns the prostitution.  It's not really illegal per se in Canada, but all acts associated with it are.  Making it hard to run an open prostitution business.  Wente suggests it might be good to just leave the situation as is... a vague legal concept.  Keep prostitution taboo and even in legal limbo.  It might be better than trying full legalization and all the unknowns that might open up.

Surely not something legal purists would want.  People all want the law to be clear and cut.

Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is value in turning a blind eye... in keeping the law vague.  I'm not suggesting I support turning a blind eye... just that it is a policy worth contemplating.

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