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Sub-urban transit

The reason we have day to day traffic... getting people to and from work.  It is the inter-regional traffic that creates the most jams.

I'll say this much.
While politicians talk of residential intesification, what we really need is commercial intensification.

It's fairly easy to ship mass numbers of people from a suburb to a core.  That is not really the issue with traffic.  It's easy to get people to Union station (main part of Toronto).  That's a trivial problem to solve.  Everyone just drives, walks, bikes, busses to their local Go Station (inter-regional rail), and its easy and fairly cost effective.  Now not everyone in Toronto goes to Union Station, but the core idea is the same. As long as people are headed towards concentrated locations, it is an easy problem to solve.

The problem is that businesses are scattered... making it hard to get from the GO Station to where yo…