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I found out about epigentics while browsing this video.

I've read up more on it, and it's quite interesting.  I'm not going to go into the details here.  There's a pretty good article on wikipedia .

When I took high school biology, we covered genes and reproduction.  Basically we are all carry a set of genes.  When we mate, our offspring get the genes of the mother and the father.  And sometimes there is also a random mutation; a mistake in copying the genes.  Through random mutations, over billions of years, you get evolution as the random mutations give rise to 'better' versions of the species who in turn get to reproduce more.  So good genes get passed on.   Bad genes die over time.

I was never really comfortable with that being the only mechanism at play here.  The easy one is skin color.  Supposedly the more your 'race' was exposed to su…

How Did Apple Get Developers

Recently Apple took over Microsoft in terms of marketshare.  It got me thinking a bit about Apple.
The one question that stood out in my mind is how did they get developers to write brand new applications for their phone in a language most wouldn't have encountered before.

Microsoft for example has always tried to get things compatible.  So of course, what is their development language for Windows Mobile?  Well it's the same ones you use to program for Windows (visual c++, c#...).

Many other phones hooked up with Java, another well known language.  Symbian developers use C++.

So of course the question is how did Apple manage to get huge numbers of people to use XCode?  Better still who was the executive at Apple this made this choice.  No doubt in the meetings, they pondered using C++ or other languages.

Recently as well, Apple is trying to outlaw developing for the iphone using multi-platform compilers.  Basically 3rd party program where you program in one language, and it do…