My Lost Theory

Well today was the series finally of Lost.  I never really expected them to 'answer' things, so here's my theory.

I'm probably in the minority here.  But I always thought the smoke monster (aka smoke) was not a bad guy.  Let's look at the back drop here.

A young pregnant woman crashes on the island.
She gives birth to Jacob and Smoke.
She is then killed by another woman (aka fake mother) in cold blood.
This woman then raises Jacob and Smoke.

She teaches Jacob to protect the light, not to talk to other people, and not to leave the Island.
This is turn causes Jacob to conflict with Smoke as Smoke just wants to leave the Island.  Smoke in his quest for freedom kills the fake mother.  Jacob then pushes Smoke into the light turning him into the Smoke Monster.
Jacob now cannot let Smoke leave the Island as the fake mother told him that the light cannot leave the Island and Smoke touched the light.

So what do we have here.  Everything Jacob believes is taught to him by the fake mother who cannot be 'holy' as she is a murderer in cold blood... perhaps just crazy.  Jacob is essentially a brainwashed child who creates a religion out of this.  Smoke just wants to leave the damn place.

I wish they had explored this more.  Everyone just seemed to take it for granted that Smoke was evil... I'm surprised the show didn't even explore this or hint at it.

In any case, now to theorize I guess.  I think the Island is just a place you go before you pass to the next stage of life.  The plane crashed.  Everyone 'died'.  But they end up in this middle state between life and what lies beyond... that is the Island.  You stay there until you reconcile your life and can move on.

Good people pass on.  'Evil' people are stuck there for eternity.  Like Michael is condemned to the Island as a whisper.

Following this through would imply that Smoke couldn't accept this death.  His real mother died while pregnant with him and Jacob.  He wanted to return to a living life.

I'm not sure what that means in terms of destroying the Island.  If you destroy the Island, you destroy the middle ground and then all we have left is 'regular life' and no one has a chance to reconcile their life and move on.  Jack and the rest reconcile, find love, then enter heaven.

Now how does this all work with the alternate life?  I don't know.  Before the ending, I always the island existed outside of time as evidence by its time traveling ability. o when the bomb went off, it created 2 time lines.  The 1st one is their normal time line.  The 2nd one is a time line in which the bomb sinks the island in the 1970s... so that is the reality where the  island does not impact their lives.


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