Movies that work to not make sense

I'm what people would call a very forgiving movie and show watcher.  I let things slide.
If there's a plot hole that's not essential, I overlook it.
If they forget to explain something... no problem.

One of my favorite tv series' is Babylon 5.  It just has just an amazing story arch.  Yet I know I have trouble recommending it to people.  It has bad acting and even poorer visual effects.

More recently there was Lost.  I'm sure the writers really had no idea how to resolve everything yet they reolved the overall character issues.  

But sometimes it seems a show goes out of its way to annoy people.  Someone actually put work into it that it leaves me puzzled. 

Let's take this past year's hit;  Avatar.
It is one of the those movies that I found great.  It had a simple plot that worked and amazing visuals... and few tear jerker moments.  Then came the final fight scene.  Bare in mind this is movie based on a futurastic human race with huge robots and big guns invading a planet to get its resources from some 'native indian' like people.  So we have the captain in a huge mech-warrior style suit.  Guns armed and ready... and he is ready for the final fight with a primitive armed with a knife.

So the captain... in his mech-warrior suit... pulls out a giant knife!  That means some writer actually thought this up.  They mad some animator draw it and animate it.  No one bothered saying... this is retarded.  Why would a futuristic mech-warrior carry a giant knife. 

Another Example:  The new Star Trek Movie.

This was a great movie.  The plot is basically this.  A Romulan space ship from the future travel back in time hunting Spock and Kirk and them fight him off.  Great simple plot.  Yet, why is he after Spock?  Heck, being my forgiving itself, I'd be willing to accept if they even just left it as a mystery. But they don't.  Some writer actually took the time to think this up...

He is hunting spock because in the distant future, the Romulan homeworld is about to be destroyed by natural events.  Spock being the genius scientist he is, is trying to figure out a way to save the planet.  He can't do it.  Romulus explodes.  So this Romulan nut in the future, goes on a vengeful quest to kill Spock because he didn't save their planet?  Really?

It wasn't even that big a deal in the movie.  they maybe had a few lines on this.
Here writers... here's some more reasonable explanations that acheive the same effect of getting a futuristic romulan ship on a mission to kill spock:

1.  Spock is actually responsible for the destruction of Romulus... maybe he is doing an experiment that goes wrong.
2.  Maybe there were two theories on how to save Romulus, but they could only try one.  Spock's way is chosen and he could not do it.  More reasonable as it keeps Spock the good guy.

None of these ruin a movie for me... but it just puzzles me how these slip through.  They're not people forgetting to explain thing or minor plot holes in a complex plot.  These are little things poeple actually had to think up and do and it makes no sense.  Great movies though :P


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