Interviews... Resumes are useless

Well we've been interviewing for a new position at work. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. If you haven't tried hiring anyone, you probably don't have an appreciation of how hard a recruiters job probably is. I almost have sympathy... almost :P We scan resumes and people know how to write them. They come in with all the abbreviations, Masters degrees, years of experience at major companies... yet some how don't know about variable scoping? I compared some of these resumes to my own... and I think... I couldn't tell us apart were I an outsider. It's odd though; I find myself doing this weird classifications. I'm almost to the point where if I had someone with just a Bachelors Degree and someone with a Master's degree, I'd put the person with the Bachelor's degree ahead. It shouldn't be that way, but that's how these people are interviewing. I feel there must be some great people applying for jobs, but we can't filter them from the thousands upon thousands we get. Makes you appreciate the word of mouth applications :). At times I feel like saying
Why are you applying for a software development job, when you can't program?
I mean, I tend to self-screen my jobs. I certainly would not apply to a job I'm not qualified for. If I saw 'Google seeking senior developer with specialty in search algorithms.' I wouldn't apply. I know I'm not that smart. On the other hand, maybe it's developers like myself who do not know how to promote ourselves. But then I remind myself not to begrudge people for applying. Everyone needs a job and they have families to take care of. I suppose were I in a bind, I'd apply for everything as well.


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