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Movies that work to not make sense

I'm what people would call a very forgiving movie and show watcher.  I let things slide.
If there's a plot hole that's not essential, I overlook it.
If they forget to explain something... no problem.

One of my favorite tv series' is Babylon 5.  It just has just an amazing story arch.  Yet I know I have trouble recommending it to people.  It has bad acting and even poorer visual effects.

More recently there was Lost.  I'm sure the writers really had no idea how to resolve everything yet they reolved the overall character issues.  

But sometimes it seems a show goes out of its way to annoy people.  Someone actually put work into it that it leaves me puzzled. 

Let's take this past year's hit;  Avatar.
It is one of the those movies that I found great.  It had a simple plot that worked and amazing visuals... and few tear jerker moments.  Then came the final fight scene.  Bare in mind this is movie based on a futurastic human race with huge robots and big guns …

Professions and High Caliber Individuals

I always like to try and find arguments against myself. So I thought I'd ponder the issue of professions. If you're a Libertarian minded person, you are probably against professions. A pharmacist, no matter how valuable their knowledge... really seems more like a glorified cashier.  All their conflicting medication knowledge could pretty much be boiled down to a simple computer database.

Most functions of a doctor could probably be done by lesser health professionals quite easily.  If they can't handle it, they can pass it to a doctor.  Do I really need to book a visit with my doctor so he can prescribe me the same medication he has for the past 10 years?

But then I ask, would we have the high-caliber individuals in these professions were it not for the job protection they receive from state regulation.  Would we get the great brain surgeons or great chemists?   Without a path of excellent set out, how would you get a great brain surgeon?
Would a talented person even c…

My Lost Theory

Well today was the series finally of Lost.  I never really expected them to 'answer' things, so here's my theory.

I'm probably in the minority here.  But I always thought the smoke monster (aka smoke) was not a bad guy.  Let's look at the back drop here.

A young pregnant woman crashes on the island.
She gives birth to Jacob and Smoke.
She is then killed by another woman (aka fake mother) in cold blood.
This woman then raises Jacob and Smoke.

She teaches Jacob to protect the light, not to talk to other people, and not to leave the Island.
This is turn causes Jacob to conflict with Smoke as Smoke just wants to leave the Island.  Smoke in his quest for freedom kills the fake mother.  Jacob then pushes Smoke into the light turning him into the Smoke Monster.
Jacob now cannot let Smoke leave the Island as the fake mother told him that the light cannot leave the Island and Smoke touched the light.

So what do we have here.  Everything Jacob believes is taught to him by the fake m…

Interviews... Resumes are useless

Well we've been interviewing for a new position at work. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. If you haven't tried hiring anyone, you probably don't have an appreciation of how hard a recruiters job probably is. I almost have sympathy... almost :P We scan resumes and people know how to write them. They come in with all the abbreviations, Masters degrees, years of experience at major companies... yet some how don't know about variable scoping? I compared some of these resumes to my own... and I think... I couldn't tell us apart were I an outsider. It's odd though; I find myself doing this weird classifications. I'm almost to the point where if I had someone with just a Bachelors Degree and someone with a Master's degree, I'd put the person with the Bachelor's degree ahead. It shouldn't be that way, but that's how these people are interviewing. I feel there must be some great people applying for jobs, but we …