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Why Microsoft was successful... the last 5%

It's easy to find people who criticize Microsoft.  But it helps to step back and ask... what about the competition?  Shouldn't there be better products out there?  There have always been big players in the game.  What about HP, IBM, SUN... Is Microsoft just that good at marketing?

My answer is simply that Microsoft gave the users what they wanted.  By users, I mean bother consumers as well as developers.  They did it better than all the other companies.  To an extent, they keep doing it.  I sit around wondering why other companies don't get it.

Let's go through a few examples here:

Sun created Java well before Microsoft came to market with .NET.  I'm not going to dwell on technical and performance issues.  I've worked with them both and they both work *well* enough.  Yet we look at deployment.  .NET application appear as regular executables and dlls.  Java... well you need to have your classpath set, worry about including jar files separately...  You can use ma…