Taking a break from News / Social Media

So I'm taking a bit of break from news and social media news. I've always been a bit of an information junkie, but I'm just at a point where I find so much of this not helpful. The world just seems a little surreal right now. For example, I was out grabbing lunch the other day and the restaurant had the news playing about Trump. Another customer says out loud, "Why you playing this on this channel? You should put on Fox News to see the real news." To which, the owner kicked the guy out of the store because the owner hates Trump.

It struck me a bit, because of a few things
We're in Canada. We're pretty far removed from Trump to have people generate this level of hatred.Everyone seemed to be getting along fine until people started speaking on the news Anyways, I had come to the idea of getting off a lot of the news style social media for a bit. This incident just kind of solidified the idea that I should try it. So I unsubscribed from all controversial subr…

Left brain - Right brain


Broadly speaking, the brain can be divided into 2 parts.
Left Brain LogicRational...Right Brain EmotionCreativity It's obviously not as distinct as that and the parts definitely intersect each other. Yet, this is the traditional separation. It got me thinking of perhaps another way to look at it.

Left Brain Observe and Analyze Objective RealityRight BrainHow to Act
In a way, science is the way of the Left Brain. Religion is the way of the Right Brain.

Here's why I think this is a good way to look at the two parts of the brain, and also why I think the left-brain should always be subservient to the Right Brain.

What To Do?  Imagine growing up as a child. You need to figure out how to act. How to be in this world. Are you really looking at every variable and every situation and parsing it all out in history and logic and rationality to figure out how you should act? Do you ponder why these people who give you food …

Live your life by one set of rules

I can't recall the source podcast, but it's probably along the lines of Jordan Peterson or Douglas Murray. One of the elements to having a good life is living by one set of rules with those around you. The basic reason is that by playing by the rules, everyone has a chance to play the game of life.

Consider sports; let's say soccer. All the players and all the teams agree on a set of rules to play by. This allows them all to enjoy playing a wonderful sport. It also allows the best to rise. You can't have a game of soccer where one player thinks it's okay to hand ball or body check someone. You can't have someone who plays by hockey rules playing soccer. They will think body checking and hand balls are okay. The game collapses.

In a way it all doesn't matter what set of rules you live by. Just pick one. A lot of human society is based around different groups with different rules fighting over which set of rules gets to win. To an extent, you can view it thr…

Trust Versus Reliable


Just listened to this podcast on trust. It's a pretty good one and one nuance they really stated resonated with me.

Being reliable is doing what you agreed to
Bring trustworthy means you share the same values or background as someone and will watch their back
It's an important distinction. It's funny because as the podcast goes it talks about how you can have the most unreliable friend, but you can still trust them. I immediately resonated with that as I have a few of those. Trust allows you to take risks and work with people to make something in the world.

The other example that made sense to me is suppose you're a Canadian travelling to Paris and randomly run into another Canadian. Just being from the same place, you gain a certain trust for them. If they recommend a restaurant, you are likely to take them at their word. However, if a local French person recommended a rest…

Venom Spoiler Review

So, I just watched the Venom movie pretty spontaneously. I quickly browsed the reviews and saw the critics hated it. I think it was at 28 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Acting This is a bit of hard one to judge overall. Eddie Brock/Venom is the center of this movie and Tom Hardy does a great job. It's basically the core of the movie. The rest of the acting is just average. I didn't particularly find the villain, Drake, did much.

Action I liked the action in this movie. It does take a while to get the Venom action, but when it is there, it is solid  About my only criticism is some of the early action with Venom just seem odd especially the car chasing sequence. It is long, but there's no sense of danger as Venom is indestructible. Also the Venom vs Riot fight turns into a blob fest. That's similar to my gripe with random energy field battles. It just looks annoying. I'd rather see real characters with powers than powers that come out of characters.

Also, it's a PG13 movi…

Women Closing Infidelity Gap


Essentially, the article talks about how women are closing the infidelity gap and cheating on their spouse almost as much as men. It's centered around a few books
Secret Life of the Cheating Wife: Power, Pragmatism And Pleasure in Women’s InfidelityUntrue: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust and Infidelity is Wrong and How the New Science Can Set Us Free
I actually don't want to spend too much time on this. Suffice to say, this has matched my anecdotal experience. Probably the one story that really rings out in my mind is a friend of mine who got married. He was definitely a bit of player and he ended up cheating on his wife. He literally wrecked himself with guilt over destroying his marriage. In the end, he found out that his wife was cheating on him the whole time as well.

The typical things 'women' needed to worry about are now…

Old Jordan Peterson Maps of Meaning

Talk about a dig into the past. Long before he was a controversial figure, we have old school Jordon Peterson here. Check out that mullet.

Nonetheless, I really found this lecture fascinating.

There's a few key takeaways.

Common Story - Less ConflictWhen people have a common story, everyone knows what to do and there is less conflict. For example, there is the story of a university classEveryone knows their role; the professor, the students...Everyone knows what is expected (students listen, professor lectures)Everyone knows why they are there (learn, get degree, job, spread knowledge, discuss..)...This allows the lecture to run with minimal conflict.Deviations from the common story place people in the unknown. This results in anxietyThis results in increased conflict You need a little of the unknown for life to progress.
Yet, just the fact that people are different is enough to generate anxiety, as people do not know how to act. The rules and expectations are unknown.

I think th…