CBC - extreme bias?

I was watching the news yesterday and the CBC just blew my mind. I was legitimately confused at the actions of the CBC. Was anyone there actually watching what they were showing?

Here's what happened.

They were doing a segment on the El Pasa mass shooting, which was triggered by xenophobia. They had an interview with an ex white nationalist and someone who tried, but didn't end up committing a school shooting.

The video.

The interviewer makes a claim at around 5:05

She asks with why is it particularly white men that are doing this.

Before the video they actually show a statistic that that white's make up roughly 60% of the US population and white's make up roughly 60% of mass murders. So actually, white people are no more likely to be mass murderers than any other group of people. They actually state this fact. Someone at the CBC actually looked this up and correctly makes a note of it.…

Bird Box Spoiler Review

I caught Bird Box on the old Netflix this weekend. It's been out for a while and I avoided seeing it due to the weird reviews it got when it came out. Everyone was complaining about the ending and so I just forgot about seeing it.

So I guess a year later, I decide to watch it on a tired evening. Here's the thing. It's definitely not a great movie. It's just a solid watchable horror/thriller. The one thing I don't get is what is the controversy about the movie. I watched it. It seems like any number of movies like 'A Quiet Place,' which I saw in theaters.

It has it's flaws, but so do most movies.

The thing I can't understand is what was the controversy about. The ending was fine. It's a happy ending I suppose, which might annoy book fans. Yet again, that's hardly a controversy. They change book movies all the time.

It's possible people expected too much from this movie? I don't know. I suppose it is weird in that this is a 'Sandr…

Higher Beliefs

I'm back on the old Jordan Peterson train and one of the constant things he talks about he having a transcendent target. A higher purpose or goal to give you something to aim for in life. It almost doesn't matter what it is, but you have to have something. That is to say, trying to be the best Christian or trying to be the best Muslim or the best Sikh is almost indifferent. The main thing is to have that transcendent goal and go along that path to see how travel.

Let's face it if you know any Christians or Muslims or Sikhs or any religion really, their ideal person is actually a pretty good person. The ideal strong, hard working person. The family oriented person.

The obvious question is can you have this higher belief without a 'God'. That is actually a very good question.

We all know really good non-believers who are also hard working and family oriented. So this is clearly possible.

It is here where I want to focus on the idea of the idea of what is your ideal …

Lion King - Dark Theory

I was browsing the old YouTube and with the new Lion King movie coming out, I came across this video. It's just some dark theories on the Lion King. Things you might not have pondered. Like Xasu in being a traitor.

One of them really caught my eye.

Mofassa Was The Bad Guy The relevant section starts around 8:30. Basically if you look at it from another point of view, the lions are pretty oppressive. They've constructed a world where
Lions get to be on top and Mofassa gets to be the KingLions get to eat all the animals lower on the food chainHyenas are treated like outcasts, driven from the good 'pride' landsThere's nothing in the movie to show the great evil Hyenas do... they're just at the bottom of life  Scar allies himself with the oppressed Hyenas.
In some ways  Scar is a liberator with the Hyenas.

You could very well read the big picture struggle as one of the oppressed Hyenas taking on ruling class Lions.

But here's where it gets interesting. W…

Who Dares Say They Believe in God

Sometimes I really do admire Jordan Peterson.
For a long time I had an odd issue with how he viewed religion. Why was it so hard for him to answer if he believed in God or any other religious myth. Did he really think Jesus was the Son of God and lived around 2000 years ago? Did he believe in that objective truth?

He would always answer with what I considered a bit of an escape clause
I live as if there was God

Recently I ran into a video that got me thinking a bit more.
For all the billions of people who utter the words
I believe in God What does that really mean? Do you really believe in God? What does it mean beyond just uttering the words, which is kind of silly. If you really believed in God, you'd be in awe of the world. Who of us really know people who genuinely believe in God? Who would dare sin if they actually believed in God. Would you ever lie or not do the 'right' thing if you really believed in whatever God you claim?

Ponder it. If I genuinely believed that …

Another great Peterson, Rubin, Shapiro video

It's been a while since I've listened to a good podcast by Peterson. I ran into this one randomly. I haven't listened much to Shapiro, but I happened to agree with him a lot here.

Child Rearing There's a great section on child rearing that I found interesting around the hour mark.
I found a small exchange between Shapiro and Peterson to be particularly interesting. I'll paraphrase it.

Peterson's way works with adults who are reflecting on where they get their values from, but when it comes to a child, you have to teach the myth first. That is why I teach my child the religious myths as truths, and then you can teach the values later. I actually thought about this a while ago.  It is my hope to really focus on teaching the values, even from an early age.

There is also a really interesting bit about the story of Abraham's sacrifice.
The story is really about testing your values against reality and you impose this on your child. For example, …

Phone Broken - Interseting cheap finds

I ended up destroying my phone on vacation due to water damage.
As I worked on the path to getting my cell phone back up and running, I came into some interesting finds.

ZTE Axon 7 Mini I was looking for a temporary phone for a few days until I could get my new phone. I looked into repairing the phone, but water damage is unpredictable and the few places I called advised not to as it would be at least $200.

I looked into maybe getting a refurbished phone or something like that, but here again we're looking at over $300 for anything decent.

I took a gamble on a cheap Chinese cellphone available at the Canada Computers close by.
ZTE Axon 7 Mini

This thing, brand new, was under $200. As far as I could tell, it's a great phone. Everything worked fine and there wasn't even that much crapware on it. For less than the cost of repairing my phone or even getting a used phone, this thing is amazing. It was even recent enough to hold Android 7, which allowed me to used Google Securit…